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    Partner program

    What is the partner program?
    The Partner Program is a way of gaining Credits by signing up your friends for World Wide Casino Kings. When anyone you signed up purchases Credits you will receive a prize of credits worth 20% of your friendís transaction.

    How do I get credit for telling my friends?
    Get your link on the Partners page, then all you have to do is have your friends click through it and you will receive a prize worth 20% of the credits they ever purchase with World Wide Casino.

    How do I receive the payment?
    When your friend completes a purchase of credits, an amount of credits worth 20% of your friendís transaction will be transferred into your account.

    What are the restrictions?
    Accounts will be cancelled for any user who uses Spam or any other means of marketing that are illegal or against normal moral conduct. The owners of this site will not participate in this Partner Program under normal circumstances.

    How do I become a partner?
    Once you are registered, you can go the the Partners Page and receive your links to send to friends.

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